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Your search for a dress for that event is over.

Renting is the new Buying guys!

Our goal is for Tagged For You to be the go-to solution for women that need dresses for special occasions, but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg.

Chances are if you’re reading this then you can probably resonate with the following:

“I can never find what I like in-store and I also have an expensive habit of splurging on dresses that I wear once, and then it gathers dust in the back of my closet."

If so, you’re in the right place.

We’ve curated the most popular styles into a one-stop shop that will make you feel like the best-dressed version of yourself for any special event coming up.


You know that feeling when you can’t find something to wear, or you don’t like your outfit and you get so frustrated that you don’t even want to go anywhere anymore?

Tagged For You is the antidote for that all too familiar feeling.

Believe it or not what you wear does actually affect your emotions, and how you think and feel. We want you to feel fierce, sexy and confident when you put something on that you love. Let that positive energy radiate!

Unlike other dress rental services we kept it really simple for people just like us who have an active social calendar but may not want to be locked into a monthly subscription. You may have a wedding one weekend, a corporate event the following month and a Girls trip planned the weekend after that and a Bridal Shower the next day..

Life is unpredictable, we get it. Get access to that perfect dress when you need it.


You know that feeling when you pop a tag off something you bought because you decided you’re committed to keeping it?

Well, we want you to get the feeling when you find a dress here.. Like it’s made and Tagged specially with you in mind- But without the commitment.

If you have a sister then you understand the pain of having your wardrobe stolen borrowed regularly, but on the flip side you understand the joy of having access (whether she approved or not) to her closet as well.

Oh the woes and joys of Sisterhood.

Think of Tagged For You as your sister’s closet... An extension of your own closet that you can borrow from as needed. Except you don’t have to deal with the inevitable arguments afterwards, and you have to pay a small fee for it.. But hey, you’ve got options! Get that new outfit feeling all the time.


Some awesome women we’ve dressed before

Miss Jamaica World 2009 and Miss Jamaica Universe 2013 Kerrie Baylis.

Pictures and Quote - pageant photos + pic in the dress with link to dress

Miss Jamaica World 2011 Danielle Crosskill.

Pictures and Quote  - pageant photos + pic in the dress with link to dress

Model Keisha Lall (New York Model Management)

Pictures and Quote  - Model photos (Target and Olay commercials) + pic in the dress with link to dress


Dresses you drool at while window shopping, and those filled shopping carts on those open tabs on your browser (we all do it)... Are not as far out of reach as you think!

With TFY you can now rent in-demand styles at a fraction of the price with FREE 2 - 3 day Shipping & Returns! We even handle dry-cleaning too.

Check out our dresses and see if anything interests you

Thanks for giving us a shot!
Lauren from Tagged For You

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