How does Tagged For You work?

Step 1 - Choose the perfect dress, when you need it!

Choose from many different amazing designers, styles and colours curated for you to feel confident and gorgeous at your event.

Step 2 - Place your order at least 4 days before your event to be safe!

We offer free 2-3 day shipping so we recommend placing your order 4 days before your event to ensure that you get it in time. Your rental starts the day your dress arrives.

Step 3 - Pop that tag and wear your very own designer dress for the night!

Remember to take extra care not to damage or stain the dress because it will need to be returned in a few days :) Please ensure that no alterations are made to the dress, and no need to launder/dry clean the dress- We’ll handle that!

Step 4 - Return by your return date at 12pm

We offer free returns as well! Simply place the dress in the provided packaging that the pre-paid return label is affixed to and drop it off at your nearest USPS location by 12pm on your return date. Please ensure that returns are made on-time because we will unfortunately have to charge a $50/day late fee :(.


Can I return my dress via third party such as my office or hotel?

We recommend that you return your items directly to a USPS store to avoid the possibility of delayed shipping which could potentially result in late fees.


How long is my rental and when does it start?

Your rental is for 7 days and the clock starts the day your dress arrives. We offer free 2-3 day shipping so we highly recommend ordering your dress at least 4 days before your event to ensure that it reaches on-time. Your dress must be returned to your nearest USPS location by or before your return date at 12pm.


TFY handles dress laundering, correct?

Yup! Once a dress arrives back to us after a rental it is inspected for any damage/alterations, dry cleaned, steamed and stored. No need to make a trip to the Dry Cleaners!


What happens if I damage or lose a dress?

Accidents happen! Your rental includes insurance for minor damages to cover repairs. However, major damage or lost items are not covered so if the item is damaged beyond repair you will be charged the full retail price (plus sales tax) in addition to what you already paid for the rental. We really hope this doesn’t happen though so try to be extra careful with your rental!


Do you ship internationally?

Sorry! Right now we’re only servicing orders within the U.S.


What happens if my dress doesn’t fit?

If your dress doesn’t fit how you’d like, you must return the dress to us within 24 hours of receiving it and we can issue store credit less the cost of shipping & taxes. You must use the provided packaging, pre-paid return label and return the order within 24 hours of receiving it. To process your return and receive your store credit, send us an email at sales@taggedforyou.com.


How can I redeem my store credit?

Store credit never expires - When you’re checking out your store credit will be automatically applied to your order. If you don’t have enough credit you will be billed the balance, and if you have credit leftover it will be stored on your account and you can use the rest another time.


Can I buy a dress that I am renting?

No, sorry - Our dresses are only for rent! However, occasionally we will have sales so join our mailing list here to be the first to know!


Can I pre-order a dress?

Unfortunately you cannot pre-order a dress that is not available. However you can select “Notify me” and enter your email address if a dress you want to rent is out of stock and we will send you an email notification when it becomes available.


Can I make alterations to my dress?

No, unfortunately we cannot allow any tailoring or alterations to be made to our dresses.


How can I cancel my order?

You will be able to cancel your order before it has been processed and shipped for a full refund to your method of payment. To cancel your order you must email us at sales@taggedforyou.com and please include your request and the order number. 


What do I do if I receive a damaged dress?

If you receive a damaged dress, please contact us immediately at sales@taggedforyou.com so we can investigate and resolve the issue.


How do I return my order?

All orders are shipped with a prepaid return mailing label. To make your return please do the following by 12pm on or before your rental return date:

  • 1. Place your items in the provided packaging and affix the prepaid return label
  • 2. Mail the package at your nearest USPS location or a location that has daily USPS pick-ups

    *Please note that we will unfortunately have to charge a $50/day late fee if you do not return your dress by the rental return date


    What do I do if I accidentally lost my pre-paid return label?

    If you lost your pre-paid return label click here and we can email you a new one which you will have to print and affix to the box.


    If my rental return date falls on a Sunday or public holiday, how can I return it without getting charged a late fee?

    Although USPS offices are closed on a Sunday and certain public holidays you can still return your package via the USPS drop box on your rental return date. However, you may also drop it off by 12pm on the day after your rental end date and the late fee will be waived.


    What happens if I return my dress late?

    Returns must be made by 12pm on or before your rental return date. We will unfortunately have to charge a late fee of $50/day if the dress is returned late. You will be charged up to 100% of the retail value of the dress, in addition to applicable sales taxes and the rental fee paid beforehand.

    ** You are liable for late fees, regardless of any involvement of a third party. As such we recommend that you do not use hotels, offices etc to do returns in order to avoid potential late fees.


    How can I know if my order has been successfully returned?

    We will notify you via email when we receive your returned dress, and you can also track your return here.


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